People Plus Technology Investment Allocation

Osyte’s cloud-based software as a service (SaaS)

Osyte Investment Technology Platform

Single System for Data, Decision, and Implementation

‘What-If’ rebalancing analysis. Include forward looking cashflows. Balance the number of transactions and deviations from asset targets. Policy or tactical targets. ‘Lock’ private or illiquid assets and exclude from analysis. Propose trades and export automatically to Trade Management function. Two-party checks and approvals
Portfolio exposures and asset allocation across all client funds. Daily NAV estimates with proxies for assets that are infrequently valued. Security level details where data is available. Guideline monitoring and oversight. Multi-asset view including alternatives and private assets.
Automation of DAILY data Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL). DAILY data Validation prior to Loading. Significant time & cost savings. Improved data quality and reliability.
Straight through processing of various trades including allocations to externally managed assets and internally managed assets such as ETFs, Futures, or other exchange traded securities. Upload custom templates for LOD/LOI/subscription documents. Automated LOD creation. Auto populate LOD fields with relevant trade information. E-signatures on the system. Systematic connectivity to order management systems and notifications to managers and custodians.
Upload various cash flows such capital calls and benefit payments without spreadsheets and calendar reminders. Include future cash flows in investment analysis. Automated cash flow matching and settlement for trades and cash movements.
Single source of oversight for investment and operations managers across the entire AUM. Dashboard view of all client funds, account, pending trades, approvals, settlements, cash flows, data, and platform users.
Single repository for all client fund information. Users can work on any documents and publish for internal view or external view. OCIO’s external clients can have access to the system and will ONLY see their portfolio exposure and any reports published for their fund.

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