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True Multi-Asset Portfolio Management At Scale

Grow Your Assets Under Management Without Hiring More People

From The Only ML/AI Enabled Portfolio Monitoring Rebalancing & Trading Platform For Liquid, Illiquid, And Private Assets.

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"This is game changing technology"
Head of Operations, Investment Consultant
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"I have looked at many tech platforms, but I have never seen anything like this."
Chief Administrative Officer, Large Asset Manager
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"This is too good to be true."
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Multi-Asset Investment Management Is Like Death By 1,000 Cuts

There's a stream of products that handle liquid investments—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.—but your portfolios aren't that simple.

Multi-asset investment

Rebalancing illiquid assets with complex liquidity terms is risky

Take a single hedge-fund.

When you make an investment in it, you might be locked in for 2 years. You can invest monthly, and may have to give 5 days notice. You can withdraw, but only if you give 60 days’ notice and there may be an investor gate of 12.5% redemption per quarter and an audit holdback.

And the list goes on.

When it’s time to make an investment decision for your client, you have to take all of this into account, and this client portfolio may have 16 other alternative investments, each with their own set of terms.

Either you are running multiple systems, none of which talk to each other, or you are managing a chain of spreadsheets, and both approaches require substantial manual intervention and time.

Multi-asset investment
Multi-asset investment work
Multi-asset investment work

Complexities Multiplied

Multiply this across all your clients’ portfolios and investments, you have a recipe for:

  • Inaccurate records and trade errors
  • Slow decision-making and missed investment opportunities because you don’t have the right information when you need it
  • Not meeting your client’s desired investment outcomes because you are chasing data instead of making investment decisions

Your only recourse is to hire more staff and create more manual processes!

Despite best efforts, your investment process may be hindering your AUM growth, client investment outcomes, and overburdening your existing staff.

In the end, all your efforts feel like treading water instead of swimming ahead.
You know there's a better way.

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Spend 2-3 Minutes Per Transaction Instead of 2-3 hours

Increase margins by $1MM for every incremental $1B AUM without hiring & training new staff.

Slash Operational Costs By Up To 80%. Reclaim your firm’s time in making front, middle, and back office decisions.

  • Enable your team to laser-focus on client investment outcomes with clear, straight-through processes
  • Reduce the grunt work in monthly rebalancing that eats up half their time
  • Replace frustrations and anxieties with a sense of accomplishment when the right data is in front of the right people to make the right decisions
Multi-asset investment dashboard

Recover wasted time and energy from context-switching and have a single dashboard for ALL your client portfolios

Multi-asset investment workflows

Complete flexibility with customizable investment workflows for both taxable and tax-exempt portfolios

Multi-asset investment teams

Stay organized when investment teams are assigned to distinct groups of clients

Multi-asset investment daily updates

React quickly to market shifts with daily validated multi-asset exposure views across all portfolios with customizable asset class hierarchies

Multi-asset investment net asset value

Leverage proxy valuations to estimate daily NAV for commingled funds or other unlisted assets even if they're not valued daily

Multi-asset investment monitoring

Plan confidently with investment guideline monitoring and 'What-If' tools to analyze rebalancing, cash flows, or other asset allocation changes

True multi-asset investment platform

TRUE multi-asset management in one unified platform: ETFs, mutual funds, other listed securities, commingled funds, hedge funds with various liquidity terms, PE, VC, private debt, private RE

Multi-asset data model notifications

Stay in-the-know with custom notification periods, trade windows, lock-ups, and other liquidity terms for internal and external manager allocations

The Thing Nobody Talks About And Everyone Tries To Ignore

Your Process is Killing Your Performance! It's not a 'hard cost' when you can't obtain the information you need and make investment decisions quickly to keep up with changing market conditions—BUT you feel the cost of that missed opportunity, and so do your clients.

Manage risks with ease when you get the right data at the right time to deliver the right outcomes, with audit trail receipts—and make your competitors wonder how you do it.

Multi-asset consolidated tool

Empower your team to deliver faster and be on the same page by reducing the risks of distributed workflows, manual processes, and spreadsheets

Multi-asset compliance monitoring

Avoid negative legal, reputational, regulatory, and financial consequences with built-in compliance management and guideline monitoring

Multi-asset audit trail

Always have clean, up-to-date records with an audit trail of every trade proposal, approval, execution, and settlement

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"Osyte is the only provider in the space that can do this."
Head of Portfolio Management, OSYTE Client
Reduction in time spent per transaction in a multi-asset environment
Yearly cost savings in staff time & technology resources
Margin improvement for every incremental $1B AUM
Multi-Asset Management Security SOC

Fortified Security With Cloud-Based Accessibility

So CTOs And IT Teams Can Rest Easy

  • Secure, scalable, highly available, modular, and performant enterprise SaaS so it’s always there when you need it
  • Replace multiple technology systems with a single, SOC2 compliant platform to eliminate operational overload
  • Or fit it into your existing tech stack to solve specific gaps and needs so that you can decrease technology costs and increase technology ROI
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Osyte: Total Oversight Of Portfolio Management

Built By Investment Practitioners For Investment Practitioners

With decades of experience managing multi-asset portfolios and building enterprise software, we have zeroed in on solving the most inefficient, cost-prohibitive and complex processes in the industry: A unified solution that’s in complete alignment with the multi-asset investment process.

Do More In Less Time With Lower Costs And Fewer Errors.

Shorten your investment process times when all your data is connected. Lower technology costs by using a single platform.

Reduce errors when you don’t have to stitch together manual functions between systems.

And save up to $1MM+ every year.

Multi-asset investment connectivity

Straight-through processing of various trade types and allocations through integrated portfolio, trading, and operations management systems

Multi-asset investment data extraction

Pull clean data through native integrations automatically from multiple sources with validation & error resolution

Multi-asset investment oversight

Harness the power of having everything you need at your fingertips with oversight of all portfolio data, accounts, holdings, trades, and cash flows in a single system

Trade Management workflow

Reduce snags by processing different trade types in single trade management and operational workflow, including exchange traded securities and manager allocations

Mutli-asset audit trails

Build your own trade workflows with custom risk controls and keep track of every change with built-in audit trails

Mutli-asset LOD/LOI documents

Let go of 3rd-party document services with automated LOD/LOI/subscription documents, including creation, e-signatures, and communication to custodians & managers

Mutli-asset management of cash

Systematic cash management for capital calls, benefit payments, and other flows with automated cash flow matching and settlements

Multi-asset management without spreadsheets

Move to the system that's built for multi-asset investment teams and finally eliminate disjointed systems and spreadsheets from your processes once and for all

Multi-Asset Customer Portal

Something For Your Clients

Provide your clients the transparency they deserve with their own service portal in your Osyte account that lets them see only their portfolio information and only reports you publish for them.

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Osyte FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Osyte implement tweaks, enhancements, and customizations?

Yes. We understand your configuration needs are unique. During the onboarding process we typically map out the functionalities that are available and identify gaps, enhancements, customizations. We will provide a specific statement of work prior to onboarding that will specify the enhancements/tweaks that we will do for your investment team and the timelines. We have an agile development process with 2-3 weeks sprints and product release.

What about integrations, does Osyte help with them?

Yes. Our team will guide you through the data integrations process and integrate with various data sources - custodians, capital markets data providers, your internal data warehouse, trade execution venues and other unlisted workflow instructions.

Portions of our platform are open with APIs and it's generally unopinionated. Osyte will manage customizations during the onboarding process including building any APIs or SFTP/Flat file transfers as appropriate based on the data source. We will assign a lead client success manager who will work with your team and Osyte’s product & engineering team to coordinate the onboarding & data integrations process.

What books of record does Osyte fulfill?

Osyte is a trading book of record and will also be a book of record for investment targets, securities/products/managers, and various other portfolio reference data. We are also an investment book of record from the time of onboarding your client portfolios, and going forward.

We are currently not a historical or since inception investment book of record (IBOR) for your client portfolios, since we do not onboard prior historical allocation data from other systems. Historical IBOR, prior to becoming an Osyte client or performance book of record capabilities are on our longer-term roadmap.

What about manager selection, qualitative data science, or machine learning—has Osyte implemented these things?

We are building various factor attribution, asset allocation modeling and other portfolio analytics/intelligence tools in our product roadmap. The current set of capabilities are focused on multi-asset portfolio management, trade management and operations management. Osyte’s platform roadmap is focused on portfolio intelligence tools.

Can Osyte really handle private assets, private equity, venture capital investment, and unstructured data in general?

Yes. Osyte has a dedicated private assets module for handling capital calls and distributions workflows. We can take unstructured data from PDFs, emails or formats and convert to structured data for loading to our multi-asset data model and use in portfolio management and cash flow management processes.