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A Single Investment Technology Platform

For OCIOs & Asset Allocators!

OSYTE is purpose built for Multi-Asset Investors

OSYTE for Portfolio Management
  • Single dashboard for ALL your client portfolios
  • Customizable investment workflows for both taxable and tax-exempt portfolios
  • Investment teams can be assigned to distinct groups of clients
  • Daily validated multi-asset exposure view across all portfolios with customizable asset class hierarchies
  • Proxy valuations to estimate daily NAV of commingled funds or other unlisted assets that are not valued daily
  • Investment guideline monitoring and ‘What-If’ tools to analyze rebalancing, cash flows or other asset allocation changes
  • Manage listed assets [ETFs, Mutual Funds, Other listed securities], unlisted assets [Commingled Funds, Hedge Funds with various liquidity terms] and private assets with capital call drawdown structures [PE, VC, private debt, private RE] in a unified technology platform
  • Security & holdings data model that supports custom notification periods, trade windows, lock-ups, and other liquidity terms for internal and external manager allocations
  • Connectivity from portfolio management to trade management to order management system, and straight through processing for various trade types and allocations
OSYTE for Operations
  • Automated data extraction from multiple sources with data validation & error resolution
  • Oversight of all portfolio data, accounts, holdings, trades, cashflows in a single system
  • Trade management and operational workflow processing across multiple trade types including manager allocations and exchange traded securities. 
  • Customizable trade workflows with risk controls and audit trail
  • Automation of LOD/LOI/subscription documents – Document creation, e-signatures, and communication to Custodians & Managers
  • Systematic cash management for capital calls, benefit payments, and other flows.  Automated cash flow matching and settlement for trades and cash movements.
  • Move off spreadsheets onto a system that is designed with your team in mind
OSYTE for Risk Management
  • Reduce risks of distributed workflows, manual processes, and spreadsheets
  • Compliance management and guideline monitoring
  • Audit trail of every trade proposal, approval, execution, and settlement
OSYTE for Client Service
  • Digital client service portal for your clients to access ONLY their portfolio information and reports published for them
OSYTE for CTO/Internal IT Team
  • Secure, scalable, and highly available cloud-based SaaS platform
  • Modular platform allows you to replace multiple tech systems  with a single unified platform or solve specific gaps/needs in your tech stack
  • Decrease technology costs. Increase technology ROI

Benefits of OSYTE

Reduce Operational Costs

Scale Investment Decisions

Improve Risk Management

Future of Investment Management

A single technology platform for Front, Middle & Back Office Functions

Process before OSYTE
  • Manual data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)
  • Highly manual, spreadsheet based portfolio rebalancing and cash flow allocations / redemptions
  • High opportunity costs from delayed implementation and difficulty monitoring IPS guidelines
  • Extremely tedious cash and trade order management with significant risks and high costs of manual oversight from key staff
  • Disjointed tools and spreadsheets
Process after OSYTE
  • Automated and machine learning empowered ETL process with data validation prior to loading.  Substantial time and cost savings for the Operations team.
  • Automated and machine learning empowered data extraction, validation, transformation, and loading
  • Detailed client exposures and asset allocation across all portfolios every single day.
  • Single source of oversight and guideline monitoring
  • ‘What-If’ analysis, rebalancing, and portfolio management capabilities
  • Ability to react to market dislocations and implement investment ideas in a timely manner
  • Straight through processing of investment decisions to trading and implementation.
  • Systematic cash management, automated trade processing, and auditable workflows with role-based approvals. 
  • Reduced risk of errors, increased productivity, and effective risk management
  • Unified investment workflow process in a secure, scalable, cloud-based technology platform

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If you are curious why we are called Osyte and how to pronounce it, then wait no further.  Check out why we are called what we are called and what it means to multi-asset investors.

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